Plug & Play PPHC4



  • Hydromassage
  • Ozonator
  • Anatomical head rests
  • Color LED lightning
  • Control system and titanium water heating
  • Thermo Cover
  • Durable side panels



  • Bypas
  • Extra insulation
  • Cover lift
  • Stairs
  • Aquatic sound system
    • Speakers
    • Bluetooth connection for smartphone



Dimensions: 216x160x78 cm

Water volume: 950L

Amount lounger: 2

Amount seats: 1

Net weight hot tub: 210 kg

Pump: 1x 2,2 kW Dual

Titan heater: 2 kw (Balboa)

Filtration: cartridge CMP, USA

Safety suction: 1x suction cover

Shell material: ABS acrylate (Lucite/Aristech, USA) + Green Shield

Hydromassage jets: 29 pcs


Simply plug the spa into power socet and enjoy moments of relaxation. Relaxing has never been easier and more fun than

with a model Celtic Spas Plug & Play 4. We recommend it especially for couples because there are two parallel loungers

and one place for sitting for unforgettable intimate atmosphere.